Arch Resources Coal Mining Industry

The Arch Resources (arch) is a major industry in the field of coal mining. It was founded in 1969 and started its operations in 1997. Through the merging of the Ashland Coal, Inc. the arch became a unique and leading producer of various coal-related items. The company was a leading industry in the eastern countries of the United States. It was a leading producer majorly in the low-sulfur coal. In 1998, Arch Coal started to expand its business across the Western side of the United States. The expansion in its business was majorly through the procurement of the Atlantic Richfield coal assets and the Coal Creek mines. The other transactions included the Black Thunder Coal Mine and the West Elk longwall mine. The Coal Creek mines were located in the Powder River basin of Wyoming in the United States. The Black Thunder Coal Mine was also a major productive industry of coal. In 2006, the Black Thunder Coal Mine produced over 84 million tons of coal which were one among the highest producers in the United States. The acquisition of these industries by the arch made it one of the famous industries in the production of coal in the United States.

The NYSE: ARCH at in July 2004, became one of the prominent producers of the high-Btu and low-sulfur coal. This was possible as the arch was able to acquire its interest from the Canyon Fuel Company. Including this was the reserves that the arch maintained. The reserves maintained by the arch in 2004 was around 161 million tons. In the following month of August 2004, there was a company expansion in its position by procuring the mines of the Triton’s North Rochelle which were adjacent to the Black Thunder Coal mines. Post gaining these mines, the arch created the leading mine reserves in the nation by assimilating the Black Thunder Coal mines with the Triton North Rochelle. The overall effect of these reserves has shown a major growth and development in the arch company. In terms of the supply of coal, the arch became the fastest reserve in the United Nations.

At a growing pace, in 2006, the arch was able to purchase around one-third of the interest in the Knight Hawk Coal. The Knight Hawk Coal was also one of the major coal producers in the Illinois Basin. As a leading industry of coal mines, in December 2011, the arch was able to position itself as one among the top five global coal suppliers. However, in January 2016 the arch became bankrupt and filed for protection. In October 2016, the company emerged out successfully after the court approved and erased the debt amount of $5 billion. You can check more information for margin trading

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