Five popular types of gazebos to choose from

A gazebo is a beautiful structure in your garden or patio. It increases the aesthetic value of your lawn and also provides many functional purposes. Gazebos are part of human history for centuries. There are different types and forms based on materials or designs, which were always part of human history.

Whether you want an extra space in your outdoors to host parties for your friend or families – or want to sit and watch your lawn and enjoy the weather, a gazebo can be your prior choice for sure. It provides you an entertainment place and a relaxing spot all at once. And how can we forget it adds beauty and value to your property.

Here are a few types of gazebos based on structure shapes that are popular among buyers:

1. Pergolas:

Very few know that pergolas are also one of the types of gazebos. They are the most popular type of gazebo. A pergola does not have any floor, and four columns support the structure, and there is always a space between the rafters. It does not provide complete shelter, but it is an elegant addition to your lawn. You can also decorate them with plants and curtains to provide protection and space. Pergolas are available in different types according to materials, like aluminum, vinyl, and wood.

2. Pagodas:

Pagodas are types of gazebos which were originated in Japan. The gazebos there were built with wood for religious purposes. The gazebos are stylish and interactive, and they look like an ornament for a beautiful garden. Pagodas are not only a jewel to your lawn; they are very functional. First of all, they represent the oriental style, and secondly, they provide an adequate shelter. You can decorate them for different functions or lie down to adore the beautiful view.

3. Rotunda:

Rotunda is one of the popular types of gazebo in Modern Europe. It is large and circular and consists of rings, which are simple pillars to support the roof. The roof is off dome shape. It is a popular architectural style for buildings in many European countries. It does not have walls or stands on its own. You can add your creativity and add some additions to make them more beautiful.

4. Pavilion:

It is a classy and straightforward type of gazebo. The pavilion is generally open-sided and often structured in a rectangular shape supported y four columns. The roof of the pavilion is also simple, and it is more functional than ornamental. Pavilions are often located in prominent buildings and significant places where large gatherings are expected. It is the perfect place for outdoor parties and gets together. You will provide fresh air along a roof over your guest head for shadow and shelter.

5. Folly Gazebo:

It is constructed for aesthetic view only. You can decorate it with plants, flowers, and stuff. Follies were originated many years back to show off the wealth, and design looks like ancient ruins.


Gazebos are one of the best choices for your lawns. You can enjoy and adore the view with a magnificent structure.

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